Italian American St. Joseph Society Membership

Take part in the St. Joseph’s Day Parade and attend several amazing events throughout the year – parties, dinners, meetings and more!

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Benefits of Being an IASJS Member

There are several benefits to membership in the Italian American St Joseph Society. For a nominal membership fee, our members enjoy the following:

Participation in a Great Organization

Our organization has a rich history and a wonderful national reputation. Over the past 40 years, we have grown into the largest Italian-American organization in the southeastern United States.

Our Annual St. Joseph’s Parade

We parade right through the middle of the New Orleans French Quarter for approximately four (4) hours in celebration of St. Joseph. Our parade consists of floats with beautiful parade maids, several bands; and our members. All of our members wear black tuxedos during the parade The majority of our members walk in order to better interact with the crowd. However, we may have other options for those who prefer to ride.

Our Annual St. Joseph’s Pasta Party

This event actually occurs the day before our parade at noon at the New Orleans Hilton Hotel. During this event, our Grand Marshal, our Queen, and our Caesar are presented to the public. There is plenty of music and wine. We also have the world’s largest bowl of Pasta Con le Sarde. All members are invited to eat, drink, and welcome our Grand Marshal, our Queen, and our Caesar. It’s a great way to start our weekend celebration.

Our Annual St. Joseph’s Honoree Dinner

This is a fantastic dinner party held the night before our parade. At this dinner, our members have the opportunity to meet and dine with our Grand Marshal, our Queen, and our Caesar. There is always plenty of music and plenty of fun.

Our Annual St. Joseph’s Parade Party

This party begins several hours prior to our annual St. Joseph’s Parade. This pre-parade party sets the tone for our parade. As the music plays, our members eat, drink, socialize, and prepare for the evening’s festivities. Wives and girlfriends are most welcome.

Our Annual St. Joseph’s Gala

This is a beautiful event that takes place immediately following the completion of our parade. For the past several years, we have held this event in the Grand Ballroom of the New Orleans Hilton Hotel. The dance begins at approximately 9:00 p.m. and the live band plays past 1:00 a.m. Our beautiful parade maids are presented and escorted by their sponsors. We provide drink mixers, muffalettas, and Italian cookies. Members are welcome to bring whatever other refreshments they may desire. Members may purchase as many tickets for this dance as they desire for the nominal price. Also, members may reserve entire tables for this gala.

Our Distribution Meetings

Each year, we have three meetings beginning a month prior to our St. Joseph’s Parade. This is a great chance for our members to socialize, have a few drinks, and begin preparing for the upcoming parade. The members are advised of the official parade route, our parade rules, the identity of the Grand Marshal, and all of the upcoming functions. During these meetings, members are able to purchase their flowers, beads, parade throws, and gala tickets.

Our Annual Picnic

This is a great way to relax with friends and family. Our picnic takes place on a Sunday in October. We have held our picnic at Pontiff Park for the past few years. We have music, a Bocce Ball Tournament, and our famous Meatball Eating Contest. There are also games and activities for the children. If thats not enough, there is free soft drinks, beer, daiquiris, and ice cream. Members bring their favorite picnic food, and many actually barbecue at the picnic site. We even have a television at the picnic for those who would like to watch football.

Opportunity to Sponsor Your Daughter or Granddaughter as a Maid in Our Annual St Joseph’s Parade

Members may sponsor maids from 5 years-old to 25 years-old. Our maids not only ride in our parade, but they also participate In several functions leading up to the parade. There is a presentation at the Piazza d’italia, a luncheon for the maids and their sponsors, a tea for our maid court, and a presentation at the St. Joseph’s Dance. Most of our maids participate in our parade for several years.

Opportunity to Establish and Enjoy Lasting Friendships

Our membership is very diverse. Although most of our members live in Louisiana, we have many members who live in New Jersey, New York, California, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida. Our members enjoy relaxing and socializing with friends from across the United States.

Ways to Apply

Credit/Debit Card: Please fill out the online application below.
Check: Please print this form and make your check or money order payable to

c/o Sidney M. Cerami
100 Ulman Avenue
Bay St. Louis, MS 39520

If you have any questions, please call Sidney M. Cerami at (228) 342-4448.